Bonafide North American Indian Land, Wilton, CT, wigwam to swamp yankees, to Canada Scoops Victim Placed in USA … ‘stolen’ by Democrats who ‘forced him to sell’ & are now benefit from quick resale of property to developers of senior center living facility.

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so interesting, I’ll tighten up posts about this going forward but, while a little obtuse, here is the gist of it: North American Indian Land in Wilton, CT, right at Pimpewaug and Danbury Road, up until 1827’ish a NA Indian woman lived in a wigwam there.

by 1856 that property is owned by the state of Connecticut and some REAL Swamp Yankees.

Members of that family, that came to include an ‘adopted’ full blood quantum, status card holder North American Indian Son, a Chippewa, who was also USA Played Victim – Surivor of Canada Scoops  ‘owned’ that property up until 2018 when an atty who works with Congressman Himes and is a prominent local DNP member of boards that approve commercial developments encouraged this ‘adopted son’ to sell the property, really the attorney put him in a spoition where he had to sell the property, i..e, so once again the property left North American Indian hands and back to Democrats who are now reselling the property to developers of a mixed use senior center, i.e., they didn’t tell him this when he sold it  on lower side of ‘market value’.





went from North American Indians to some REAL Swamp Yankees who had it in the family until about a year ago. The Same Attorney who works with Himes and who told USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops human trafficked into and still living in Wilton, Connecticut that he didn’t need to apply for USA Citizenship, that it didn’t matter, that he could be here illegally … That same DNP attorney also encouraged, put this Full Blood Quantum Indian into a spot that required he 1st least his property and then sell it .. and now that property, as the atty who encouraged him/put him into financial spot where he more than less needed to sell his property, now that pretty is being sought after for a senior living ceber, the developers pauomg top $$$ for the properties.

Happy Thanksgiving, As My Full Blood Quantum, Card Carrying North American Indians Say, Happy Thanksgiving & Team Redskins!

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As my North American Indian (not Native American, Native American is a marketing term) friends say, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ & ‘Go Redskins!’

It’s important that esp ‘white liberals’ not continue, not be encouraged to keep up their denigration of NA Indians by portraying them only as victims of colonialists as they do when it comes to Thanksgiving, i.e., those North American Indians may not have done as well for themselves as they had hoped in those transactions that we now celebrate at Thanksgiving but they certainly did before then and afterwards. NA Indians were and are formidable, i.e., If ‘white liberals’ want to enjoy the ‘benefits’ of being victims, that’s their choice, but North American Indians I know don’t want status of victim forced on them by USA ‘White Liberals’ any longer.

Note, I write ‘white liberals’ in quotes because it’s our experience that ‘white liberals’ come in all skin tones AND, no matter how aggressively they claim to be liberal, they’re anything but liberal.

Reminder, Again: Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais IS THE ONLY OFFICIALLY, LEGALLY RECOGNIZED USA Placed Victim – Survivors of Canada Scoops

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Once Again, I’m looking at victims of Canada Scoops aka 60’s Scoops who are using for personal gain-profit Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais’ victim statements AS WELL AS that of his biological and his adoptive families.

Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais are all the same person.

Taber/Henry is THE ONLY victim of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops placed in USA recognized a victim of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops by:

1. Truth & Reconciliation Commission Canada.


3. Federal Govt of Canada

4. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Re TRC-Canada, We have his Victim ### AND E-mails from both Murray Sinclair and his assistant telling us that ‘Taber’s Files, along with all other victims kept in Canada, will forever be kept and accessible to the public in National Archives of Canada. Some point between then and last year, Taber’s Victim Statement Files became inaccessible to the public.

Indigenous People’s March – Opening Prayer, Wayne Snellgrove

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Thursday, January 17, 2019, Tomorrow in Washington, DC, Wayne Snellgrove (see link below) delivers opening prayer for Indigenous People’s March (see eventbrite link below)

Re Tomorrow’s Events:

Re Wayne:


Note: several people there will claim to be representing Victims of Canada Scoops in USA, aka 60’s Scoops, i.e., BUT  ONLY Taber Gregory, who is also Taber Meier and Henry Desjarlais, now a Citizen of USA and resident of State of Connecticut, is certified a Canada Scoops Victim by all involved agencies and countries, Canada, USA & Cold Lake Nation, & USCIS, Federal Govt of Canada, INAC, & TRC-Canada.


So far we’ve stopped a few people and (1) major law firm based in Canada with offices in White Plains, New York, as well as CNN from running story using people who were using Taber Gregory’s victim statement as if it was their own, ie., If anyone tells you they are a Canada Scoops Victim Placed in USA, please share their name and all contact info they give you with this blog, We’re trying to stay ahead of the scammers so that they don’t get as far as they did when CNN was just days away from broadcasting report including them and totally not including Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais.



Another 60’s Scoops Class Action Settled, Victims Eligible … see documents and links in text, each ELIGIBLE Canada Scoops Victim in USA is entitled to receive min $25k, When only 1 has been verified ….

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September 27, 2018,

To Date, Only 1 Victim of Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops Placed in USA (& west Europe) has been verified a victim of that genocide by all involved agencies, USCIS, Federal Government of Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, &  Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada, That is Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais.

NEWS: Settlement Update – September 26, 2018
The above class action is now settled and eligible class members can now apply for compensation.  You do not need a lawyer to apply. 
Please click and upon review the following “official long-form final Notice” at to ascertain your legal rights.  [Or if you need the same Notice mailed to you, you may call toll free to 1-(844)287-4270 or email to request that a copy of the Notice be sent to you by postal mail.] 
As explained in the above-referenced Notice, in order to apply for compensation of $25,000 or more from the 60s scoop class action settlement against the federal government, you must fill out and sign the following “Claim Form”:  
Please note that our law firm cannot fill out the Claim Form on your behalf, as the Claim Form requires personal information and your signature. However, if you call our law office at 403-219-0193, our law firm would be pleased to provide any advice you need to help you fill out a Claim Form, either in person at one of our ten offices OR by telephone [please call us for any assistance or advice, about completing the Claim Form].
To be clear, once your Claim Form is completed, it must be submitted to the Settlement Administrator’s Office [known as the Collectiva office].  Claim Forms are only formally submitted if they are sent to the Collectiva office.
Once you complete and sign your Claim Form, it must be submitted [BEFORE the claims deadline of August 30, 2019] directly to the Settlement Administrator’s Office, whose mailing address information is as follows:
                             Sixties Scoop Class Action Administrator
                             c/o Collectiva Class Action Services Inc.
                             1176 Bishop Street, Suite 208
                             Montreal, Quebec   H3G 23E3
                             Toll free number 1-(844)287-4270
If you do not receive acknowledgment from the Settlement Administrator’s Office that your Claim Form has been received, within 30 days of sending it, you should contact their office at or toll free at 1-(844)287-4270, as only their office can answer questions about processing of Claim Forms.
Please note that receiving this email is not an indication of whether or not you will qualify for compensation under the 60s scoop class action settlement against the federal government.  The decision as to whether or not you qualify is not made by our law firm or any law firm. The decision about whether you qualify is taken by the Settlement Administrator’s Office [known as the Collectiva office] that has been appointed by the Courts under the terms of the settlement. 
Regarding compensation payments from this settlement, distribution of compensation is handled by the Settlement Administrator’s Office and will only occur after the above claims (or claim’s) deadline of August 30, 2019 has expired.
Please note, this email is prepared by my law firm and not part of the official notice.  Please review the Official Notice information carefully at

What’s next regarding other potential 60s scoop class action litigation?

The 60s scoop class action litgation against the federal government has concluded pursuant to the above settlement.

Merchant Law Group LLP intends to continue pursuing ongoing 60s Scoop class action litigation before the Courts against several provincial governments on behalf of Indian, First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal persons, who were taken as children from their families and placed for adoption in non-Aboriginal homes. If successful, that separate litigation against some provincial governments may result in further compensation being paid to some Sixties Scoop Survivors who qualify under the terms of any future class action settlements with the provinces.

That class action litigation against some provincial governments seeks compensation for the physical and sexual abuse that many survivors have reported (abuse claims regarding which the Government of Canada is taking no responsibility and paying no compensation under the terms of the federal government class action settlement already approved earlier this year).

Survivors (who have not already done so) should provide their contact info to MLG thru our law firm’s website www.60s-scoop.comin case any future litigation against provincial governments results in additional compensation options for 60s scoop survivorsregarding loss of culture or individual sexual or physical abuse claims.

About our law firm – Merchant Law Group LLP (MLG)

Merchant Law Group LLP (MLG) has a long history of pursuing litigation on behalf of Indigenous Canadians. More than two decades ago, our law firm launched thousands of lawsuits on behalf of Residential School Survivors, which led to many critical Court decisions against the government, including the H.L. v. Attorney General of Canada decision by the Supreme Court of Canada which led to the 2006 Residential Schools Settlement. The Residential School Settlement was the largest class action settlement in Canadian history.

Yours truly,

Joshua Merchant, LL.B.

Merchant Law Group LLP

This message is intended only for the use of the addressee and may contain information that is privileged and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient or have received this communication in error, you are hereby notified that any unauthorized use or disclosure is strictly prohibited. Although we may by e-mail only send you newsletter bulletins rendered in respect of this class action in the future, we undertake no obligations or duty to ensure that you receive any newsletters.

Recipients of this newsletter are members of the public and cannot be pre-qualified to receive compensation. This general information is being provided simply as a courtesy newsletter and nothing in our correspondence is intended to be legal advice or opinion.

Not 1 of The 4 ‘Canada Scoops Victims’ listed in this article is The 1 & Only CERTIFIED Canada Scoops Victim Placed in USA, Taber Gregory

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We’re still wondering who the 4 USA placed victims of Canada Scoops cited in this article (see link above) are, They’re reported to be collecting $$$- payouts from Canada Federal Government victim fund but not 1 of the 4 is THE 1 AND ONLY USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops actually certified victim of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops placed in USA by all 4 ‘agencies’ capable of identifying and certifying victims, i.e., USA Federal Government, Canada Federal Government, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), and the now concluded, Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada (TRC- Canada), aka, Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais (all 3 names are for the same person).

Repost, Obtaining Blood Quantum & North American Indian Status Cards

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via Obtaining Blood Quantum Letter & North American Indian Status Card

March 28, 2018, Reposting this for a few reasons:

  1. individuals looking into this problem don’t know how hard it is to get Blood Quantum Letters when individual trying to get them was ‘scooped’ aka human trafficked out of Canada into USA via human trafficking and illegal adoption, i.e., documentation papers aren’t complete if they were given to the child’s ‘adoptive’ parents in USA at all, & Because of name changes between tribe to Canada Government and again when the child was deposited in USA.
  2. Because those who fake being Native American Indians like phony USA Democrat Party Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren AND phony Native American Indian artist Jimmie Durham are defending their illegitimate use of Native American Indian Status in ways that is discrediting and really undermining the proof of identity used by REAL North American, including ‘Native American’ Indians,

It’s become important to remind everyone how hard it is for USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops, as well as those placed in west Europe via the same Canada Scoops, to get the documentation necessary to receive their blood quantum letters and Indian status cards, both of which can then help them to get expedited USA Citizenship on basis of being victim of that genocide, aka, Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops, i.e., essentially unless someone uses back channels like I did for Taber Gregory/Henry Desjarlais, then they can’t get the id documents without having the id documents. It’s a real dilemma that USA Trump Administration, Secretary of Interior  & USCIS WITH Canada Federal Government needs to straighten out.

the hold up re class action info

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March 22, 2018, I was asked to hold back on posting for a few more days, Will probably post details early next week, ie., the language used in the announcement I was sent a few weeks ago & that I’ll post when I get the ok to hasn’t yet been agreed to by the court and the law firm involved.

Class Action Update, (will post tomorrow)

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Tomorrow I’ll post class action update And again clarify who this blog is for, i.e., Canada Scoops Victims Placed in USA, aka victims of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops genocide And how their status as victims of genocide make establishing their citizenship different from process those who are also North American Indians but who are not genocide victims/who have not had their documentation destroyed/manipulated.

Elizabeth Warren is North American Indian … like Rachel Dolezal is African American

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Elizabeth Warren is as North American Indian as Jimmie Durham, as Rachel Dolezal is African American …And, that’s according to North American Indians themselves.