US Supreme Court Returns North American Indian Girl To Adoptive Parents

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June 25, 2013, Only relevant to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops in that all members of court reaffirm the weight of ICWA, i.e., the adopted North American Indian child is from USA and adopted within USA.

The Obama administration, 18 states, several  Indian tribes, current and former members of Congress and children’s welfare  groups filed briefs in support of the biological father.

Referring to the ‘ICWA card’ as ‘The Trump Card’ suggests that this administration recognizes the privileges of North American Indian Status, and the North American Indian Status Cards.


Assistance Researching The Dawes Rolls

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June 22, 2013, Though The Dawes Rolls currently have no apparent relevance to this blogs efforts on behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, because I have received so many inquires about how to access complete & accurate Dawes Rolls, I am going to suggest – an educated guess but I certainly do not guarantee you will get accurate results – that if you believe that you are a direct descendant of someone on The Dawes Rolls, I suggest that you contact a USA university with a top ranking North American-Native American Indian Affairs Department.  Ask them for research assistance.

I will update this post as I find out more detailed information by which you might be able to do this research on your own including which (if any) reliable research departments are willing to assist you.

In the meantime, good luck with your inquiries. I know it is difficult and frustrating; completely and accurately researching these relationships is much more complex an endeavor than our years of google searches have led us to believe.



‘Absolute Last Day – We Were Children’ streaming online on APTN

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June 19, 2013, from the site of APTN, Aboriginal People’s TV Network, “Today is the absolute last day that you can stream We Were Children on the APTN website:

It will be available until midnight, so share this link with your friends and contacts who you think might be interested in watching or may have missed it.  Remember, if this broadcast distresses you or someone you know, call 1-866-925-4419 to access the 24 hour Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line.”

Also note that the mandate of the 24 hour hotline made available has been restricted to victims of Canadian Scoops who were kept within Canada and is not mandated to address the inquiries of those victims-survivors of Canadian Scoops who were placed in USA (& elsewhere, including west Europe).

Developing Class Action – Providing You With Contact Information

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June 19, 2013, If you or anyone you know believe that they are a USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops, please go to the Comment Section at the bottom of this post and provide us with information as to how we may contact you, i.e., telephone numbers, e-mails, best times to reach you at, etc.

The contact information that you provide us within this blog USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops is confidential, i.e., the reply/your contact information will not be made public/is not posted publicly on the site.

To date I have kept all replies/comments shared with The Blog, confidential, i.e., no reply has ever been posted publicly.

Within a few days after we receive your contact information we will contact you and ask you a few questions that will help you to provide the attorney who is building the class action suit with the information he needs to determine if you are (or are not) eligible to join the building class action suit.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we will provide you with his contact information and you can contact him directly.

Thank you & good luck.  You and your family – All Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops – deserve respectful recognition and closure.

Father’s Day for USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops

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June 16, 2013, In USA today it is Father’s Day.  Though not celebrated in Canada, for victims-survivors of the Canadian Scoops who were not kept within Canada but rather placed in USA, a.k.a., USA Placed Victims-Survivors of The Canadian Scoops, Father’s Day is a day when probably more poignantly than on any other day of the year, the few thousand USA Placed Victims-Survivors of The Canadian Scoops are forced to contemplate the relationships with their biological fathers that they were deprived of when Scooped and placed in USA foster care and adoption system by Canadian Government in coordination with the head of the indian bands-tribes.

To date, TRC-Canada only recognizes 1 USA  Placed Victim-Survivor of The Canadian Scoops.  This individual’s father did not know – for decades – whether his child was dead or alive, still in Canada or placed elsewhere.

The biological father recently filed complaint with TRC-Canada and is seeking damages of $1Million Canadian Dollars per each year that his son was ‘missing’.  His son, the 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops, refers to (2) other men as ‘dad’ ‘father’ but only refers to his biological father by the man’s first name; for the decades that he was ‘missing’ The 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops believed he had been voluntarily given up for adoption.

Of the (2) men that the 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops refers to as ‘dad’ ‘father’, 1 is his ‘adoptive father’ (adoption not legalized in USA until Scoop victim was 41 years old and without the presence of either adoptive parent; the ‘adoptive father’ and he are estranged and the adoptive mother, deceased), and the 2nd man he refers to as his ‘father’ never legally adopted him and took legal guardianship of him for only a (30) day medical guardianship.

TRC-Maine Meeting This Week & Convincing USA that Canadian Scoops Victims Are Significant

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June 12, 2013, This week Commissioners of TRC-Maine are holding their monthly meetings.

A Commissioner of TRC-Maine has been updated on the problems that USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops are facing in USA as a result of lack of awareness of Canadian Scoops in USA.  We are hopeful that TRC-Maine will act as a vehicle that raises awareness of Canadian Scoop Victims in USA, i.e., convinces the USA-population that in fact the Canadian Scoops both did occur And some of the victims were placed in USA (as well as west Europe).

Though the most pronounced denial of existence of Canadian Scoops and USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops that we are aware of comes from just (3) attorneys out of lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, there is general-widespread disbelief that victims of Canadian Scoops could have lived, worked, registered to vote, voted, owned businesses, filled out federal forms, gone through legal processes, including ‘adoptions’, etc., without ever having been told that they were 1. not USA Citizens and 2. placed here illegally via Canadian Scoops.

Advocates for and USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops themselves, in conveying their status as victims of Canadian Scoops, too often face individuals, organizations, local offices of federal agencies that, totally unfamiliar with Canadian Scoops, deny it happened and therefore the status of these individuals as victims of that genocide.  That denial then results in these individuals hiding from the system, using ‘aliases’, pretending to be USA Citizens when it would be easier (and safer) for them to legalize their status by obtaining blood quantum letter and North American Indian status card, and, of course there is also the emotional toll that denying their status as victims results in.

Also, their ability to obtain the blood quantum letters and North American Indian Status cards, the process by which that is done would be possible if USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops were recognized, i.e., that recognition would facilitate their application and collection of the documentation necessary to obtain the letter and card.

“What Does It Matter…You Didn’t Even Know You Were A Victim”; Some USA Attorneys Recommending Not Pursue Victim Compensation

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June 10, 2013, Unfortunately a few USA Attorneys, all (3) of which are in State of Connecticut, Fairfield County, are discouraging their client, who happens to be a USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, from continuing to pursue his/her compensation claims within TRC-Canada and within a building class action suit.  To date, this victim’s file is the most complete of all USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops; this victim is also the 1st & only USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops to be recognized by TRC-Canada, AND USCIS granted this individual USA Citizenship on basis of being a victim of that particular genocide, i.e., as far as USCIS was aware that was the 1st USA Citizenship granted on basis of being victim of that genocide, a.k.a. Canadian Scoops.

These (3) attorneys who are accustomed to very well handling their client’s real estate transactions, DUIs, divorces, legal name changes, etc., but who nevertheless throughout their work failed to realize the same client was not even USA Citizen have told their client that they believe that as USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops s/he will never be compensated and that ‘what does it matter anyway, until a few years ago you didn’t even know that you were a victim of Canadian Scoops.”

In order for the appeals and the building class action suit to be successful AND to increase the possibility that more USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops will be recognized by TRC-Canada and thus granted USA Citizenship on basis of being victim of that genocide, every USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops needs to be encouraged and enabled to put their file forward.  No attorney should discourage their clients from pursuing compensation claims because the attorneys themselves are not capable of representing the client on issues that require familiarity with Native American/North American Indian legislation, regulations, etc.

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