Conversation Continues – Status Cards, Quantum Letters, Principle of Continuous Residence (Indigenous Maps)

June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

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June 5, 2013, Jay C. White Cloud •  Bless You Susan for your honest efforts,
I would be honored for you to carry my words to other venues.  I encourage your passion, and desire to make “blood quantum” a positive thing.
However, you wrote>>> “After so many decades of the status cards being used a tool of vicious prejudice, I think it’s beyond great that they can now be used as a tool that offers entitlements”<<<
That is the very bane of the issue, they are not positive, never have been, and still are used as “tools of vicious prejudice,” but now often it is “native on native” prejudice, as it is very much part of the human condition.
They are now being used by many as “status cards,” in as much, if you don’t have a card, “you aren’t Native,” (or First Nation.)  I am reading, seeing and experiencing this more and more.  I have family, friends and acquaintances that all live by and honor the old ways, identify as native, and many have even married with in tribal tradition.  But because that tribe is from South or Central America, of Canada, there children are automatically not Native.
I wish it could be different, but because there is money (and political power) involved in the “blood quantum” debate, the politicians and their supporters want there to be less of us, not more, that is not going to change.  If every man, woman and child, that stepped forward and said, “I have native ancestry, I honor it and know it to be true as it is part of my family’s oral tradition,” was given status as a “native person,” that would be wonderful.  It would also be overwhelming, and many that do hold cards (and the power they can represent,) don’t want that.
So again, I must state for the record, that any type of card or certification, of my birth identity is a negative thing not positive.  It has nothing to do with money, or power, it is who I and my family are, we do not need a government agency to validate us  If you are going to give it to my family, then I must insist that it be given to every soul that identifies as Native and honors those traditions and beliefs.  Will the “powers to be” ever do that…very doubtful.




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