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July 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

July 20, 2013, The correspondence many of you have shared with me via USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops is equal parts heart wrenching & gratifying. Heart wrenching to read your stories about never fitting in and never knowing why not, and gratifying because within USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops you may have found your answers. More: via Sandy White Hawk’s efforts towards reuniting North American Indian Adoptees with one another, you may also find a community the members of which are the most likely to understand what you have endured.

Some documentation and questions you will want to address either with us or on your own:

1. Is your biological family Canadian Indian?
2. Were you immediately placed in USA once you were ‘scooped’ from your biological family?
3. What State do you reside in within USA and for how long have you resided there (school and/or employment records from primary – high school are helpful)?
4. What is name of adoption agency in USA that ‘assisted in bringing you to USA’?
5. Do you know your biological family name (Record of Live Birth in Canada)?
6. What Indian band were you borne into in Canada?
7. Are you a USA Citizen (do you have a passport or ever been denied a passport)?
8. What is your current age?
9. At what age were you placed in USA?
10. Do you have your USA Adoption Records?
11. Do you hold a North American Indian Status Card;
12. Do you hold your North American Indian Blood Quantum Letter?
13. Have you ever or are you in contact/do you hold contact information for your biological family?
14. Do you have your Canadian Adoption Papers?
15. Have you been contacted by TRC-Canada?
16. Have you been contacted by your biological Canadian Indian Band?

Of course, please do not be concerned if you do not have documentation to support your answers to all of these questions. Similarly, do not be concerned if you can’t answer all of these questions. A significant occurrence in every genocide is the lack of paperwork, the trashing of documentation by those trying to wipe out the identity of a population. Locating the paperwork is difficult and time consuming but it is still doable especially while many – not all – of the biological parents of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops are still alive and can recall the day of the ‘scooping‘ and subsequent years of searching.

Also, if you are not a USA Citizen but have been residing here since your ‘illegal adoption’ you should secure BOTH your North American Indian Status Card AND Blood Quantum letter, i.e., you need to show BOTH; one without the other is worthless as far as US Immigration is concerned. As long as you have not committed a certain level of felony those 2 documents allow you to stay in USA without fear of deportation, i.e., these documents are good to have while processing your USA Citizenship Applications (if you choose to apply for USA Citizenship).



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