Another Adoption Involving Cherokee Nation – Everyone Is Happy

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August 30, 2013 – Link below is to story about a successful adoption of 2 North American Indian children, twins, members of Cherokee Nation. Before I receive comments as to how wrong this is, that it is a threat to the pure-blood cultural-ethnicity of American Indians, note: the adoptive father, a congressman, is also a member of Cherokee Nation.

Although not at all technically-legally related to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, because Baby Veronica Adoption case in USA has been cited by North American Indian Adoptee Advocates as THE reason they will not now support USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, I am providing updates on Baby Veronica and related cases.


Excluded From TRC-Compensation, These Victims Are Now 1 Step Closer

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August 26, 2013, Some Canadian Scoop Victim groups excluded from TRC-compensation are now one step closer to receiving compensation via their filing of civil-class action suits. See links provided by TRC-Canada below.

These suits represent Canadian Scoop Victims who were kept within Canada but not placed in residential schools.

To date, USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops continues to be ‘excluded’ by TRC-Canada in regard to compensation. Civil-Class action suits are forming.

Though appeal of TRC-Canada compensation applications submitted by ‘The 1st and Only USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops to be recognized by TRC-Canada’ has been discouraged by his own local, legal counsel (lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA) due to their own lack of familiarity with Canadian Scoops and truth & reconciliation commissions, the immigration and other legal benefits The 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops has already received – as a TRC-recognized USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops – should be granted to all USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, i.e., based on recognition by TRC-Canada of his status as victim-survivor of Canadian Scoops, this individual received his USA Citizenship and all violations of federal laws he committed associated with his immigration status were relieved. In short: the extent of administrative-recognition of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops by TRC-Canada only goes up until victim compensation claims are filed.

North American Indian Women Trafficked From Canada to USA

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August 22, 2013, News of this report is so striking that even though NOT related to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, I am posting related news article.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Truth & Reconciliation Commissions Worldwide

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August 19, 2013, More news today about cut-backs at TRC-Canada reminded me of cost-benefit (to victims-survivors) analyses of truth & reconciliation commissions worldwide. Because enough of this blog’s commenters are human rights professionals, I am going to ask that using contact form below, please share with me the latest raw or published data that you have access to and I will re-post on this blog. I always prefer the raw data that hasn’t gone through the political-editorial process, but, again, whatever current data you have would be helpful.

From those reports that I have read covering past trc’s (not TRC-Canada which obviously is ongoing) victim-survivors do better once they have launched private suits than by relying solely on processes & compensation offered by truth & reconciliation commissions.

Every Perspective – Canadian Scoop Victims & Their Families

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August 19, 2013 – In process of researching, drafting, submitting and lobbying applications of the USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, within (1) file all perspectives of Canadian Scoops are represented, i.e.,

1. the biological father, furious that his child was taken and that he was never told if his scooped child was dead/alive or where he was placed, this father wants CAD $1M per year that the child, now a 46 year old adult, was ‘missing to him’. The scooped child, now 46 year old man, has made no effort to visit his biological family, and only reaches out to them when he has needed information and paperwork necessary to confirm his status as a Canadian Scoop Victim, that paperwork assisting his successful USA Citizenship applications and other ‘legal’ issues.

2. the biological sister who was baby sitting the (4) children of the household who were scooped (only 1 of the 4 was not kept within Canada but rather placed in USA adoption & foster care system, a.k.a., USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops); as adamant as her sorrow is that he was taken that way and that her family suffered wondering where he was, she is ‘happy’ and ‘grateful’ that he was placed in a healthier environment where he received regular medical care, education, etc., i.e., more: she says the childhood home that he lived in had no food and the children were starving, the biological parents were alcoholics and that for those reasons a biological aunt had filed the complaint with the head of the tribe, a ‘hearing’ was held and via that hearing the children were scooped. Ultimately, she explains, she is grateful that they were removed from that home and that he has a better life because of it.

3. the biological sister who was not there when the children were scooped agrees with their father, ‘the children never should have been taken from their parents’ AND she understands her sister’s position, i.e., that he is better off because he was removed. The other siblings who were removed but found by the father and brought back home, continue to live below poverty line and 2 died of alcoholism.

4. the biological mother passed away due to depression related alcoholism never having known that her son was alive and living a healthy upper-middle class lifestyle in USA.

TRC-Canada EVENT – Vancouver, British Columbia – September 18 – 21, 2013

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

August 16, 2013, TRC-Canada regularly provides updates on events and other progress on it’s facebook page.

The following was posted by TRC-Canada today:

“Hello Everyone!

Thanks for being a part of the Truth and Reconciliation that is much needed between our communities across these lands. Starting to address the hurt and the pain that has been created is much needed at this time in our shared history. Apologies only mean so much if no action is taken for genuine healing and reparations of those damaged relationships.

It is time that we all start to come together and start to live and adhere to the wishes and dreams of the ancestors – to live in peace and friendship with all our neighbours.

Over the next few weeks updates will be posted to this event feed about specific events like the Sacred Fire, so please stay tuned. Also please take a few moments to invite your friends to this event.


Presbyterian Church Apologizes to Canadian Scoop Victims Placed in Kenora Residential Schools

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August 16, 2013, Following link (see below) describes apology from (Canada’s) Presbyterian Church to Canadian Scoop Victims placed in Kenora Residential Schools.

As recently as August 1, 2013, there are ‘no plans’ to apologize to victims-survivors of Canadian Scoops. To date, mandate of TRC-Canada only acknowledges victims-survivors of Canadian Scoops who were kept within Canada; The Mandate does not acknowledge those who were placed in USA (and west Europe). TRC-Canada has recognized only (1) USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops; based on TRC-Canada recognition of his status as a victim of Canadian Scoops-genocide, the same individual achieved his USA Citizenship.

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