Baby Veronica Case, South Carolina, USA

August 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

August 1, 2013, Several months ago I posted about Baby Veronica case. From a purely legal perspective it does not seem to have any cross-over with USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops; however, because I recently was informed of movement within the North American Indian Adoptee Community that believes that the circumstances of Baby Veronica Case are tangential, I am again posting a link about Baby Veronica case.

From a totally human perspective, my personal belief: this is like Elian Gonzalez Situation and that for same reasons Elian was returned to his biological father, Baby Veronica should also be returned to her biological father; Baby Veronica’s biological father should be grateful that she was adopted by adoptive parents who clearly love her and took wonderful care of her; and, her adoptive parents should be overwhelmed with joy that her biological father loves her, grateful for the time they had with her and for the ‘aunt/uncle’ role they could play in her future.

Summary: (and I am sure there are just as valid other competing summaries), biological mother puts baby up for adoption, chooses adoptive parents who are not North American Indian, the biological father who is less than 1% North American Indian comes forward to claim his baby after she has spent a few years with her adoptive parents (the adoption not yet finalized) and uses his blood quantum to assert his parental rights. The North American Indian Agency that sets a minimum of 50% blood quantum requirement to prove blood quantum is at odds with the less than 1% North American Indian blood quantum that the biological father is. The US Supreme Court was nearly split down the middle, 5-4 vote on this case. Scalia opinion stating that amount of blood quantum does not matter; other justices using North American Indians own prior standards expressing that it does and sending the matter to the South Carolina. Today the South Carolina Supreme Court finalized adoption papers.



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