Victims-Survivors Need Legal Representation Independent of TRC

August 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

August 5, 2013, Every victim-survivor of Canadian Scoops whether placed in USA or west Europe, or kept within Canada, should investigate potential class action suits and individual suits before AND even if they have already accepted a settlement offer from TRC-Canada. TRC-Canada is not going to encourage or enable you to do so. TRC-Canada will – especially if you are a victim of Canadian Scoops placed in USA or west Europe – discourage you from doing so.

And, interested and qualified attorneys should seek out these victims of Canadian Scoops in USA and west Europe as well as within Canada knowing that many of these victims want but do not have the resources and are being discouraged by their own communities from participating in class action and individual civil suits.

The attached contact form allows you to contact this blog anonymously. We will likely share your inquires & comments on the blog for the benefit of those that reach out to us on a daily basis for more information and sense of community. If you prefer that we do include your name when we mention a comment that you have provided, please state so in the comment form, and we will cite you and/or your credentials.

To date, this blog serves as the only central source of information for victims of Canadian Scoops not kept within Canada but rather placed in USA (and west Europe), a.k.a., USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops. This blog provides insights based on experience of achieving TRC-recognition and as a result US Citizenship for USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops – but is NOT to be considered adequate – source of information for these victims; this blog should encourage qualified legal professionals, legislators and other advocates to step up and contribute.



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