From The Victims’ Perspective

September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

September 13, 2013, It’s common for victims-survivors of a genocide to walk away from their experience with the relevant truth & reconciliation commission (TRC) feeling dissatisfied because while TRCs receive tens if not hundreds of millions of US Dollars based on the injustices the victims-survivors endured, the victims-survivors themselves rarely receive a penny on a dollar of that money, i.e., most of that money goes to the administrative costs of the TRC.

Victims-Survivors will most likely only receive the compensation that they are entitled to and want if they file civil suits.  Most attorneys will take these victims-survivors on a contingency basis, i.e., the attorneys don’t get paid if they don’t collect.

Many victims-survivors of Canadian Scoops have had their compensation applications rejected and the subsequent appeals to those rejections rejected, and/or received such small compensation packages as to feel only further insulted and re-victimized.

In preparation for that potential civil suit victims should still pursue compensation through the relevant TRC until all remedies within that TRC have been exhausted according to the TRC itself AND save all paperwork because your attorney will need it.

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