Riots in New Brunswick, Canada (media pepper sprayed & arrests)

October 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

October 23, 2013, Though not directly related to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, because the riots in New Brunswick (focused on North American Indian property rights, and oil & natural gas rights) are another example of the overall increase throughout the 2013 year and throughout North America of North American Indian populations asserting their social, civil and property rights, I’m posting (see link below).  They have only recently coordinated with one another across Indian bands, a.k.a. tribes, in order to assert and protect these rights.

There are reports of members of media, who are obviously not able to cause any violence as they are weighed down carrying their cameras and holding them to their faces  getting pepper sprayed and arrested; other than filing their film with their news agencies they pose no risk.

For those of us in USA, especially in North East, who are accustomed to our own government’s more positive than not, and very profitable (for the Native American Indian populations) relationships with North American Indian communities, known here as Native American Tribes, this treatment of Native American Indian populations and the media is not common. Also different between USA v. Canada tribes, in USA individuals within the tribes are each given equal portion of revenue from business agreements, including oil and natural gas, and property agreements, to spend as they wish whereas within Canada the government-elites of the tribes retain all of the funds and set up socialized healthcare, schooling, grocery stores, etc., i.e., it’s more an issue of one government handing the resources over to another government, and not to the individuals. Short of long: Canadian Indian Individuals do not do as well quality of life wise as do their USA Native American Indian counterparts.



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