Map Shows Ancestral Relationships, Some USA Tribes & Canada Bands

January 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

January 1, 2014, These sorts of maps are useful to North American Indian immigration specialists because there is precedent (principle of continuous residence) in US Immigration Law allowing that if individual borne to a Canadian ‘Tribe’ that is ‘related to’ a US Federal Government Recognized Tribe the latter having migrated from what is now considered present day Canada to what is now present day USA before sovereign geographical-political boundaries between the two countries were established, that the individual is therefore considered an ‘Indian Person’ for purposes of relief under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and therefore entitled to US Citizenship.

Of course, in practice, easier said than done.

The problem with using this strategy to achieve US Citizenship is the difficulty in establishing the ancestral link between what are present day US Federal Government recognized tribes and Canadian Bands, i.e., US institutions that have the authority to verify these links don’t want to because of the legal-political implications of doing so.

Until the USA institutions that are capable of verifying ancestral relationships are comfortable to do so, individuals should acquire their Blood Quantum Letters and North American Indian Status Cards, and alien registration cards.



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