Compensation Applications – Transitional Justice

February 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

February 4, 2013, Here are some additional details (taken from Wikipedia; bold is edited in) that help to describe the legal principles that form the basis of TRC-Canada including reasoning by which reparations and damages are determined:

For more than 100 years, Canada retained a practice of removing indigenous Canadian children from their families and placing them in church-run Indian residential schools (IRS) and adoption and foster care system in USA and west Europe. This process was part of an effort to homogenize Canadian society, and included the prohibition of native language and cultural practices. In 1991, the Canadian government established the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP), charged with exploring the relationship between aboriginal peoples, the government, and society. As a result of the commission’s recommendations, the government symbolically issued an apology in a “Statement of Reconciliation,” admitting that the Indian Residential Schools in Canada were designed on racist models of assimilation, and that some children who had also been scooped were not placed in IRS but in adoption and foster care systems. Pope Benedict XVI also issued an apology on behalf of church members who were involved in the practice. In addition, the government provided a $350 million fund to help those affected by the schools. In 2006, the federal government signed the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, agreeing to provide reparations to the survivors of this program. The Settlement totals approximately $2 billion, and includes financial compensation, a truth commission, and support services for those victims who were kept within Canada; as of February 2014 there are still no support services for those victims who were not kept within Canada but who were instead placed in USA and west Europe.



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