2 Types Of Advocates: 1. Focuses on Resolving Problems And 2. (Stuck at) Describing Problem

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

April 25, 2014, In regard to April 17, 2014 post (see below), I have been approached by a few advocates, none of which are offering to fund the reunification pow wow, but all of which had criteria that they felt should be considered in accepting funds. It should be a needless to say, but it’s become necessary to say, criteria is understandable and helpful but the list of criteria needs to, while thorough, become static, i.e., there has to be a point at which criteria is satisfied and as a result criticism ceases so that all resources can be applied to resolution.  Criticism is a means to and end, not the desired end result.

It’s also important to point out that while the initial potential donor is not of North American Indian descent, a criteria for some, they were not themselves or via their relatives, responsible for scooping of Indian children, responsibility for that is with the elites of the North American Indian bands in partnership with Canada Government (and maybe US Dept of State; hard to tell from documents if US Dept of State were aware of the scooping/lack of consent of biological parents).

April 17, 2014, What should we do?

In identifying and securing funding for a pow wow that we hope will take place in New York City area as early as October 2014 but maybe not until Spring-Summer-early Fall 2015, the intention of which is to reunite North American Indian adoptees with one another and possibly also their biological families, we have been asked to consider receipt of funds from a private sector organization that has recently, by North American Indian groups, been intensely criticized for perceived insensitivities to relative racial stereotypes.

To date, we have received feedback from a few North American Indian individuals who say they themselves never took any offense to the racial stereotype, always having seen it as a point of pride and a suggestion of strength. These individuals celebrated the stereotype. Nevertheless there is a more vocal group that takes offense.

Should we accept the donations from the private sector organization that causes offense to a large number but certainly not all North American Indians? We want to because the intention is to assist a group of North American Indian adoptees in ways that North American Indians themselves have never offered; or, do we reject it because in taking it we are certain to be aggressively criticized?



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