Redskins Name Controversy – How Much NFL-Redskins Have Meant to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops

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May 30, 2014,  At first, although interesting, I didn’t believe the Redskins name debate was relevant to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops.  Then I remembered how throughout the last few years and well before a Redskins name change was on the agenda of activists, each North and Native American victim of Canada Scoops placed in USA expressed to me their love of that team, their pride in the team logo, the team colours, the team players and, in a good season, the team victories.  To them, NFL-Redskins represent strength and pride. I am sure that impression was helped by, whenever they attended Redskins games, their being high-5 celebrated by Redskins staff and fans alike.

When, more often than not, their cultural heritage was ignored in the melting pot that is the USA, a mention of the Redskins on the news or in the local watering hole, brought their North/Native American Indian’ness back into the spotlight. And, it did so in a way that everyone could relate to no matter if they were of North/Native American Indian descent, a football fan or not.

Hopefully this debate over Redskins name change will take these indivduals’ feelings into consideration. At the moment, the debate seems very much like a marginalizing political debate amongst professional activists with no regard for the majority of North/Native American Indian fans themselves.

Below is link to 1 Forbes article on Redskins name change debate.


In Progress – NYC Area Pow Wow To Unite North American Indian Adoptees

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May 29, 2014, (originally posted) April 14, 2014, In support of First Nations Repatriation Institute-Sandy White Hawk and in partnership with downtown NYC office of Union Square Strategic, a public affairs and business development firm headquartered in Washington, DC, we are in the earliest stages of developing pow wow to take place in Long Island, NY area.

For the last 10 years, the First Nations Repatriation Institute pow wows to ‘welcome home adoptees’ have taken place on an annual basis in the Midwest.

The purpose of the NYC-area pow wow is to unite North American Indian Adoptees, and especially USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, with one another and assist them in reuniting with their biological families.

For USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops, sharing of information, including how some have obtained their North American Indian Status cards, Blood Quantum Letters, certified copies of original birth certificates (biological parents names), TRC-Canada recognition of their status as victims of Canada Scoops, and, as a result, their USA Citizenship on basis of being a victim of Canada Scoops will be encouraged.

Our best estimate is that this event will take place as early as October 2014 or Spring-Summer-Fall 2015. Details will post on this blog as they become available.

Though we are reaching out to qualified, interested sponsors, we can not accept individual donations for this event.

As more details become available, we will post on this blog.

2 Sports Journalists Prophesize Name Change For Washington Redskins

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May 26, 2014, Clip of yesterday’s discussion between (2) sports journalists  Both expect Washington Redskins will change their name due to increase in pressure.

Unfortunately no one of North American Indian descent was included in the discussion.

The only North American Indians we know of that want Redskins to change name are those who are career activists, i.e., their singular mandate is to identify an issue and advocate for change. Those North American Indians who aren’t career activists have always found the name to be a reliable source of pride. It’s unfortunate that the negative experiences of some are eclipsing the positive experiences of others.

Hopefully those North American Indians who support keeping the name Redskins will be given as much opportunity to convey their position in media as those that are advocating for name change.

Here is link:

Redskins Name Controversy: ABC News This Week – Sunday, George Stephanopoulos & Christine Brennan

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May 25, 2014, Today ABC News This Week w/George Stephanopoulos has Christine Brennan of their sports department discussing activists movements to force Redskins to change their name.  The Redskins name is a point of pride for so many, North American Indians and those who aren’t as well. The name of Redskins was created by Native American Indian designer.

It’s unfortunate that negative experiences and stereotypes have been foisted upon and as a result are eclipsing an otherwise positive-meaning name by activists eager to have something to focus on. It’s unfortunate because there are real issues impacting the Native American/North American Indian community that need immediate attention and assistance. Efforts being allocated to this name would probably be better spent correcting those issues.

50 US Senators Urge NFL Redskins Name Change

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May 22, 2014, 50 USA Senators send letter to NFL urging Redskins name change.  Link to article below.

Still, none of the several USA Senators that we have spoken with regarding legislative recognition of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops have made such an effort in support of the victims of this genocide who were placed in USA and which, inarguably, is more important than the name of NFL team that many North American Indians who are not professional activists actually appreciate being the namesake of (when the team wins).

Native American Fan Tells Why He Is BlackFeet Strong, RedSkins Proud

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May 15, 2014, Just interesting. This article is getting new attention in regard to name of NFL team Washington RedSkins,

CANCELED: Sandy White Hawk, St John University, NYC-Queens College, May 29-31, 2014

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May 27, 2014, Due to illness, Sandy White Hawk will NOT be attending.

May 11, 2014, Sandy White Hawk, Executive Director First Nations Repatriation Institute, and Commissioner Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Maine, will be speaking on panel at St. Johns University, Queens Campus.


Register now for the 8th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference
Sleeping Giants in Adoption: Power, Privilege, Politics, and Class
May 29-31, 2014 at the Queens Campus, New York City

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