The Principle of ‘Continuous Residence’, ‘North American Indians’ (v. Native American Indians)

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July 22, 2014, (Originally posted 2012), Some were questioning use of term North American Indian v. Native American Indian; North American Indian is technically correct term to use for those who are members of tribes (bands) in USA (and Canada) that fit criteria of the following treaties; Jay Treaty and Treaty of Ghent. The treaties are reaffirmed in a couple of federal court cases.


The authority of North American Indian Status Cards that enables and protects the privileges of ‘continuous residence’ is a product of Jay Treaty and Treaty of Ghent both of which the USA remains party to and which have been reaffirmed in current case law.

Holder of North American Indian Status Card AND Blood Quantum Letters are entitled to travel, reside and conduct commerce throughout USA and Canada without additional references. The card holders are also allowed to conduct certain commerce essentially ‘duty free’.

Those ‘Canadian Indians’ in the USA that do not hold both North American Indian Status Cards AND Blood Quantum Letters, and/or do not have alien registration cards or US Citizenship may have to prove in US Court that there is relationship between their ‘Canadian Tribe’ and a US Federal Government recognized tribe, the US Federal Government recognized tribe having migrated from Canada to modern day USA before current geo-political borders between the 2 countries were established.




James Garner, a Native American Indian

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July 21, 2014, Just Interesting, though nothing to do with USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, I was just informed that the very popular – amongst viewers and other actors – actor, James Garner, was 50% North American Indian, i.e., his mother was 100% Cherokee. (according to some articles, other articles say she was ‘part’ Cherokee).

Here is link to one of several tributes to him:

SO much discussion in North America these days about negative prejudices and experiences against people of Native American descent, it’s nice to remind everyone again of how much those of North American Indian descent, like James Garner, are revered and celebrated.

Orignally Posted By Associated Press – USA Colleges Programs to Recruit North American Indian Students

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July 21, 2014, Nothing to do with USA Placed Victims of Canadian Scoops but likely of interest to many who come to this blog regularly,

Originally filed by AP,

“The programs challenge the idea that tribal customs and higher education don’t mix, said Joshua Gonzalez, the director of Native American Student Programs at the university 60 miles east of Los Angeles and hundreds of miles from Watson’s home on the Navajo Nation.”


In Progress – NYC Area Pow Wow To Unite North American Indian Adoptees

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July 19, 2014, (originally posted, May 29, 2014 and April 14, 2014),

Because I have received a few lovely, very generous inquiries about how to send donations, I am Re-posting the following to remind everyone that

Though we are reaching out to qualified, interested sponsors, we can not accept individual donations for this event.

In support of First Nations Repatriation Institute-Sandy White Hawk and in partnership with downtown NYC office of Union Square Strategic, a public affairs and business development firm headquartered in Washington, DC, we are in the earliest stages of developing pow wow to take place in Long Island, NY area.

For the last 10 years, the First Nations Repatriation Institute pow wows to ‘welcome home adoptees’ have taken place on an annual basis in the Midwest.

The purpose of the NYC-area pow wow is to unite North American Indian Adoptees, and especially USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, with one another and assist them in reuniting with their biological families.

For USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops, sharing of information, including how some have obtained their North American Indian Status cards, Blood Quantum Letters, certified copies of original birth certificates (biological parents names), TRC-Canada recognition of their status as victims of Canada Scoops, and, as a result, their USA Citizenship on basis of being a victim of Canada Scoops will be encouraged.

Our best estimate is that this event will take place as early as October 2014 or Spring-Summer-Fall 2015. Details will post on this blog as they become available.

Though we are reaching out to qualified, interested sponsors, we can not accept individual donations for this event.

Re-Share of News Article on Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Member Disenrollments

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July 16, 2014, Article re. Tribal Member Disenrollments (see link below) is interesting because within the discussion of Canada Scoops we more often label the Canada Government the ‘villains’ and Indian tribes the ‘victims’, but really without the complicity of the elites within the tribes/ internal prejudice within the tribes, the scooping would not have taken place. The disenrollment cases highlight that problem.

Class Action Developing on Behalf of Scoop Victims Who Don’t Fit Criteria

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Friday, July 11, 2014, Class Action Suit is developing ‘Aboriginal Adoption Class Action’ on behalf of victims of Canada Scoops who, because, after being scooped, they were not placed in residential schools but instead adopted out, do not fit criteria of 1st class action suits ‘Aboriginal Day Schools Class Action’ filed on behalf of Canadian Scoop Victims. This suit, at this moment (things can change), still requires the victims to have been kept within Canada, i.e., it does not cover those who were removed from Canada and placed in USA and west Europe. Separate suits are in process of developing for victims who after ‘scooped’ were taken out of Canada and placed in USA and west Europe.

More information here:

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