USA Interior Secretary on Washington Redskins Change Name Effort

September 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

September 5, 2014,  Even USA Interior Secretary – Sally Jewell, who believes the NFL Washington Redskins name should be changed, acknowledges that it’s not a priority of Native Americans. What’s more, so many Native Americans/North American Indians have always believed the name Washington Redskins to be a compliment;  this name change debate and what the name Redskins means to so many of those non-North American and non-Native American Indians advocating for this NFL team to change its name is coming as a sad shock to actual North American/Native American Indians. The latter had no idea such negative characteristics were associated with their team’s name, not least because there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans cheering the team on and purchasing team name and logo merchandise.

So what is pushing the name change effort: only the negative experiences of some and maybe some non- North American/Native American Indians hyper-eagerness to display ‘cultural sensitivity’?

Maybe instead of catering to the negative perception of a name – and to every name, object, person, organization, etc., there can be found a negative perception – the media and other political and non-professional voyeurs should focus on the positive connotations of the name.





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