Matthew McConaughey Speaks Up For Washington Redskins

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http:// 21, 2014, Funny how so many people, including North American and Native American Indians, First Nations People, Status and Non-Status Indians and those who are totally void of ‘indian’ lineage, agree that NFL’s Washington Redskins team should keep the name but are too afraid to say so, whereas individuals like Matthew McConaughey will step right up and out in support of the name.

Finding ‘negative racial’ meaning in the team name and logo says more about the critics themselves, their own experiences and exposure to racism than anything about the actual meaning and value that the team and it’s fans place on the name and logo. All the reasons that go into choosing and continuing to invest in a team name suggest reverence and appreciation, not racism.


Why NO Headdress Ban at Glastonbury is Good

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October 17, 2014, The number of replies and inquiries to yesterday’s ‘Good No Ban at Glastonbury…’ was high. About half agreed there should not be a ban and half disagreed. The latter feeling that wearing  North American Indian headdress is an insult to their culture; the former feeling it is a compliment. (If as many felt as strongly about the plight of Canada Scoop Victims placed in USA as they do about headdresses at fashions shows and music festivals…)

We agree with the latter; it’s a compliment. Because headdresses are usually absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship can be astounding; how can wearing something that beautiful (and expensive 😉 be interpreted as an insulting act of racial stereotyping? They are very complex constructions. The pride that goes into making these; if you have never seen the process of selecting materials and constructing the headdress itself, you may not be able to appreciate what a compliment including a North American Indian headdress in a fashion show,  a festival, within a team’s logo, etc., is.

As a child, the number of times I played with my friends at Shinnecock Reservation in South Hampton, Long Island, NY and we would be given remnants of the real headdresses being made so that we could make our own, playing dress up with those used in the Shinnecock festivals, etc. Not insulting at all.

Good, Glastonbury NOT Banning North American Indian Headdresses

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October 16, 2014, See:

To USA: Happy Columbus Day (& Indigenous People Day too)

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ccolumbusNYC1Monday, October 13, 2014, Today in USA we are celebrating traditional Christopher Columbus Day, and some, Indigenous People Day:

To Canada: Bonne Action de Grace!

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October 7, 2014, Reply to comment left on blog: There are a minimum of a couple of thousand USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops but, a result of the nature of genocide, i.e., missing and inaccurate paperwork, the number is incalculable.

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