Final Report of TRC – Canada Due June 2015 – Importance of Recognition

November 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

November 2, 2014, Because the final report of the TRC-Canada is due June 2015 (see link below), there needs to be a real push from advocates on behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops otherwise that group of victims won’t be, within that final report, recognized.

Recognition is important because there are still – at least – a few thousand victims-survivors of Canada Scoops placed in USA. It’s probable that these individuals have been, since being scooped, living in USA as if they are USA Citizens, i.e., registering to vote, voting, filling out federal forms indicating that they are USA Citizens, etc. Thus committing a federal crime every time that they have done so. TRC-Canada recognition will assist them in explaining to USCIS and within legal environments how and why they did so.

Recognition will also assist them in collecting documentation necessary to satisfy USCIS requirements.

As it stands, only 1 USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops is recognized by TRC-Canada and, because of TRC-Canada recognition, USCIS recognition.



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