A Re-Post: Justice Murray Sinclair ‘Reconciliation Is Not An Opportunity To Get Over It’

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March 30, 2015, ‘Reconciliation is not a new opportunity to convince aboriginal people to ‘get over it’ and become like ‘everyone else’ … that’s what residential schools were all about and look how that went.’– Justice Murray Sinclair

This year old op-ed authored by Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada, is a realistic and honest opinion on reconciliation within the context of truth and reconciliation commissions. Justice Sinclair’s insights are applicable to many more truth and reconciliation commissions in addition to that of Canada because truth & reconciliation commissions usually, ultimately only deliver the minimum required to pacify victim population, the extent of culpability limited by other national-regional interests, including security, financial interests, commerce, etc.




National Research Center On Indian Residential Schools

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March 27, 2015, We aren’t sure if National Research Center On Indian Residential Schools (see link) will contain the victim statements collected by TRC-Canada from Canada Scoops victims not placed in residential schools but instead placed in foster and adoption system, the latter group of Canada Scoops Victims were placed in adoption and foster care in Canada and, of course, in USA and west Europe. We have asked TRC-Canada to clarify for us if the statements of USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops and those placed in west Europe will be included in this research centre, and we  will update this post with their answer when we receive it.

While we don’t know much about the victim statements of Canada Scoops Victims who were kept within Canada and not placed in the residential schools but instead placed in Canada foster care and adoption services, the victim statements of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops along with the statements of Canada Scoops Victims who were placed in west Europe have since been kept within National Archives of Canada. If the victim signed release, the statements are then accessible to the media and general public, can be re-published etc.


Those Involved In NYC Lincoln Center Production of Pearl (Pearl S Buck)

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March 26, 2015, This press release gives broad description of who and what organizations are involved in this production of Pearl (Pearl S Buck) at New York City’s Lincoln Center August 2015. We are working with North American and Native American Indian groups to reach out to each involved in order to familiarize them with USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops, how they came to be and their expectations in regard to this production.



This Is 1st And Only Academic Peer Review Journal To Accurately Describe The WHOLE Sixties Scoops/Canada Scoops Victim Population

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March 19, 2015, This paper published (see link) in 2007 in a ‘peer reviewed, academic journal’ is thought to be the earliest published, publicly distributed authority to describe the victim population of Sixties Scoops, a.k.a., Canada Scoops, as including victims placed in USA and west Europe as well as those kept within Canada. Current mandate of TRC-Canada only acknowledges those victims of Sixties Scoops, Canada Scoops who were kept within Canada; while the original mandate of TRC-Canada didn’t expressly bar victims who were moved from Canada to USA and west Europe, this later and what is the current mandate of TRC-Canada does expressly limit definition of victims to those kept within Canada and who were placed in residential schools.   The victim compensation unit of TRC-Canada does, however, leave room in its’ forms for those victims who were kept within Canada and not placed in residential schools but in adoption and foster care. Currently, neither the TRC-Canada Mandate nor the TRC-Victim Compensation Applications allow victims not kept within Canada but instead placed in USA and west Europe to be acknowledged.

The 2007 Paper: http://www.fncfcs.com/sites/default/files/online-journal/vol3num1/Sinclair_pp65.pdf

If anyone is aware of other reliable articles and studies published, please send back to the USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops via the comment form below and we might repost it here, i.e., preference is given to peer review journals from easily recognizable and reliable authorities.

Pearl S Buck – Welcome House Inc. (Adoption Agency) Very Important Role Placing Canada Scoops Victims In USA

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March 17, 2015, We are encouraging the creators, producers and investors of the play ‘Pearl’ – ‘the Pulitzer prize winner’s life story’ that is scheduled to open at New York City’s Lincoln Center this summer 2015 – to well-reference Pearl S. Buck’s very important role in Canada Scoops, a.k.a. Sixties Scoops, i.e., her role in USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops. See Wikipedia Entry on Pearl S. Buck, under ‘Humanitarian Efforts’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_S._Buck

We are also looking for live links to the news stories that discussed the closing of the original Pearl S Buck – Welcome House adoption agency through which Canada Scoops/Sixties Scoops transfer of children were brokered into the USA and that was then effectively reopened under the name Pearl S Buck Foundation and Pearl S Buck International a few years after what was reported to be it’s forced closure by US federal government.

Scoops Victims Placed In Adoption and Foster Care, And Not Placed In Residential School System

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March 13, 2015, See link, Sent to me by Sixties Scoops victim who was kept within Canada but not placed in residential schools, instead placed in Canada adoption and foster care system.


Probably stating the obvious, but if you didn’t already know: victims of Canada Scoops, a.k.a., Sixties Scoops were, after being scooped, placed in either one of the following (3) circumstances:

1. Canada-Indian Residential Schools (mandate of TRC-Canada has always explicitly included these Scoops Victims as being within it’s mandate), Or

2. Canada Adoption and Foster care System (TRC-Canada did not explicitly include them within it’s mandate but also didn’t exclude them, and in fact the TRC-Compensation Fund for Victims allows for these Scoops Victims even after the mandate stated that the TRC itself was only intended for those Scoop Victims placed in the residential schools), Or

3. USA and west Europe Adoption and Foster Care System (Original mandate of TRC-Canada – the mandate by which 1st USA Placed Victims-Survivor was able to obtain his TRC-Canada recognition and on that basis, his USA Citizenship – did not explicitly include this group of Scoops Victims but also didn’t exclude them, a subsequent generation of TRC-Canada Mandate and that still currently holds, did edit out room for Scoops Victims not kept within Canada but instead placed in USA and west Europe, and TRC-Compensation Fund for Victims does not leave room by which these Scoops Victims can be included.

Lincoln Center’s ‘Pearl’, The Life Story of Pearl S Buck of The Pearl S Buck Foundation That Placed Canada Scoops Victims In USA

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March 12, 2015,  I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling that ‘Pearl’ the life story of Pearl S Buck will be leaving out Pearl’s personal involvement in placing Canada Scoops/Sixties Scoops victims in the USA.

You can be 100% certain that if reference isn’t made to USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops And Pearl S Buck’s participation in that process by that show itself, that we will do so via USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops. Pearl S Bucks reasoning for participating in the US-side of the Canada Scoops process that we have been provided makes, within the context of that time period, sense, but it was wrong then and it’s wrong now and that needs to be acknowledged in the USA…at Lincoln Center.


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