Scoops Victims Placed In Adoption and Foster Care, And Not Placed In Residential School System

March 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

March 13, 2015, See link, Sent to me by Sixties Scoops victim who was kept within Canada but not placed in residential schools, instead placed in Canada adoption and foster care system.

Probably stating the obvious, but if you didn’t already know: victims of Canada Scoops, a.k.a., Sixties Scoops were, after being scooped, placed in either one of the following (3) circumstances:

1. Canada-Indian Residential Schools (mandate of TRC-Canada has always explicitly included these Scoops Victims as being within it’s mandate), Or

2. Canada Adoption and Foster care System (TRC-Canada did not explicitly include them within it’s mandate but also didn’t exclude them, and in fact the TRC-Compensation Fund for Victims allows for these Scoops Victims even after the mandate stated that the TRC itself was only intended for those Scoop Victims placed in the residential schools), Or

3. USA and west Europe Adoption and Foster Care System (Original mandate of TRC-Canada – the mandate by which 1st USA Placed Victims-Survivor was able to obtain his TRC-Canada recognition and on that basis, his USA Citizenship – did not explicitly include this group of Scoops Victims but also didn’t exclude them, a subsequent generation of TRC-Canada Mandate and that still currently holds, did edit out room for Scoops Victims not kept within Canada but instead placed in USA and west Europe, and TRC-Compensation Fund for Victims does not leave room by which these Scoops Victims can be included.



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