Modifying On-Line References To Pearl S Buck, Those Safe Guarding Her Legacy

May 18, 2015 § Leave a comment


May 18, 2015, Via a request made to Wikipedia by those safeguarding the legacy of Pearl S Buck, we have been kindly asked to edit our input describing Pearl S Buck and her Welcome House Adoption Agency’s role in trafficking 60’s Scoops victims, a.k.a., Canada Scoops Victims into USA, i.e., instead of describing her role in ‘transiting’ the babies we now use the current term for what was done, i.e., ‘trafficked’ the babies, etc.

Modified input originally posts, without the posturing-editing that will likely take place, as the following:

During the 1960’s, within her Welcome House (Adoption Agency), Inc. role, Pearl S Buck was an important figure in the Sixties Scoops, a.k.a. Canada Scoops, i.e., trafficking North American Indian children from Canada to USA without the consent of their biological families and while their biological families were demanding to know where they were and for their return. Taber Gregory, the 1st of the Canadian Scoop, Sixties Scoops Victims to be placed in USA to be recognized by Truth and Reconciliation Commission – Canada and USCIS, was trafficked by Buck into USA via her Welcome House adoption agency. (Library and Archives Canada, Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada, file “Taber Gregory – Henry Desjarlais, wtg for additional citation”, 2012.



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