Update: How Involved Was Pearl S. Buck In Decision To Traffick Canada Scoops Victims To USA

May 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

May 19, 2015, After no less than 5 attempts within 8 days were made by the gatekeepers of Pearl S Buck’s Legacy to delete accurate and well-referenced mentions of the integral role that Pearl S Buck and her Welcome House Adoption Agency played in trafficking Canada Scoops victims to USA and west Europe, they have now provided the following explanation:

In 1960, after a long decline in health, her husband, Richard, died. She renewed a warm relation with William Ernest Hocking, who died in 1963. Buck then withdrew from many of her old friends and quarreled with others. She became more and more dependent on Theodore Harris, whom she met in 1963 when he was a dance instructor with the Arthur Murray studios. She soon depended for him for all her daily routines and appointed him head of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, with a lifetime salary. Harris created a scandal, however, for mismanaging the Foundation and for making Buck dependent on him. Buck separated herself even from Welcome House after twenty years of dedication. [17] Welcome House itself was accused of taking North American Indian children without consent of their biological families.[citation

Though we certainly can’t contest their explanation as to just how involved Pearl S Buck herself was in the decision making of Welcome House programmes, we will certainly be restoring the additional details that provide better description of Welcome House role in the trafficking of Canada Scoops Victims to USA and west Europe.



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