What Will USA Learn From Current Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada

May 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

May 29, 2015, As Canada winds down & assesses this current Truth & Reconciliation – Canada (TRC-Canada), they ask themselves what the take-aways are, See Link Below to Huffington Post. But, here too in USA we should – having at the very least a couple thousand victims of the same genocide, a.k.a., Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops still living as unrecognized victims of this genocide, that their immigration status at best in limbo and at worst fraudulent – assess what value the findings of this particular TRC-Canada have for us.

For example, we now know that via (1) USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops who was the 1st and currently still the only victim of Canada Scoops to be recognized and given a file number by Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada AND to receive his USA Citizenship on basis of being a victim of that particular genocide, there is now this precedent by which other USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canadian Scoops may also try to achieve their USA Citizenship.

We also now know via this TRC-Canada and more specifically via the experience of the 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops to be recognized by TRC-Canada and USCIS that as more local DMVs, Social Security offices and even police departments begin to catch up with 9/11 immigration legislation and as a result identify as non-US Citizens these victims of Canada Scoops who were placed in USA illegally, that they did in fact come here as victims of a genocide, i.e., that they are likely telling the truth when they say they didn’t know they were not USA Citizens every time they said they were on federal forms and/or that they did not know that the name they have always used is considered an alias by the US Department of State, etc.




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