2 Notable Canadian Scoop Victims Placed in USA

June 8, 2015 § 7 Comments

June 8, 2015,  While to date only 1 of the Canada Scoop Victims placed in USA has been recognized by the recently concluded Truth and Reconciliation Commission – Canada, 2 are now well known amongst those familiar with Canada Scoops because of the findings of the recently concluded TRC-Canada.

Sydney Dion is an aboriginal man from Manitoba who was adopted to the United States in 1971. The CBC 8th Fire features his story about coming back to Canada. Dion saved his money so he could find his family in Canada. When he arrived at the border, he was turned down: “they are aware that I was born here, but I am not a citizen here”. He did not have a Canadian birth certificate and his had been named changed, therefore he had no proof that he is a Canadian Citizen. On his second try to get into Canada he was allowed back as the border guard acknowledged that he was a minor when he was adopted and did not implicitly consent to becoming a United States resident, so he was allowed back to Canada without a passport.[20]

In 2011, Taber Gregory, baptized Henry Desjarlais, an aboriginal man from Cold Lake Nation, Alberta, Canada became the first victim of Canada Scoops placed in the US to be recognized by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Canada. USCIS granted Mr. Gregory US Citizenship expedited on basis of being a victim of this particular genocide, Sixties Scoops.


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