On Behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops Wayne Snellgrove Requests An Apology

June 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

June 23, 2015, The following is a letter from Wayne to Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall requesting an apology from the Government of Canada. USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canadian Scoops expect apologies to be forthcoming from Governments of Canada and USA, as well as from the adoption agencies, in particular Pearl S Buck’s Welcome House adoption agency of Pennsylvania, USA, that brokered the, what were then referred to as ‘illegal adoptions’ and are today referred to as ‘human trafficking’ transactions. Actually those of us working on this issue –  USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops – are surprised that culpable parties to the ‘Canada Scooping/60’s Scoopings’ aren’t more proactive with the apologies, i.e., why are apologies only being provided once a letter requesting an apology has been submitted; that says a lot.

Wayne’s Letter:


June 22, 2015

Honorable Brad Wall, Premier

233 Central Avenue N, Swift Current

SK, Canada, S9H 0L3

Dear Premier Wall:

My name is now Wayne William Snellgrove. I was born Dwayne Ivan Smoke in Fishing Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan Canada. I am survivor of the Sixties Scoop. As I’m sure you are aware, Native babies were routinely stolen from healthy homes and families and placed into state run care. I was stolen on the day of my birth, April 9, 1971, directly from the hospital. My mother, Nora Smoke, never saw me that day. I was placed in an orphanage hundreds of miles away. Years later, I was adopted out by an American family. It was a wonderful home, but nothing they did or I did could fill that void of losing my mother, my heritage and my culture.

After years of searching I final reunited with my Native mother 32 years after I was born. I hugged her for the first time and told her I loved her. I was home again for the first time. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the Native spiritual ways. It was the only way I could let go of the anger and sadness that enveloped me my entire life. I’ve come to realize the power of forgiveness.

I don’t know the actual number of children taken from my reserve during the years of the Sixties Scoop, but I know this: I was only the third one ever to make it back to Fishing Lake First Nation.

Recently the premier of Manitoba, Greg Selinger, issued an historic apology for its former genocidal legislative policies of forced adoptions and relocation of aboriginal children. So far, it has been the only province to issue such an apology.

I am requesting a personal and formal public apology for the Sixties Scoop atrocities committed by the Canadian government on aboriginal peoples.

Thank you for your immediate consideration.


 Wayne William Snellgrove (born Dwayne Ivan Smoke, Fishing Lake First Nation)


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