Murray Sinclair Reissues Video – Again Leaving Out Victims Of Canada Scoops Not Kept Within Canada, For How Much Longer?

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August 28, 2015, While inherent within the results of all truth and reconciliation commissions it’s common for some of the involved victim sub-groups to be left out of conclusion-remedies, we aren’t comfortable with the ongoing reluctance of TRC – Canada spokespersons to acknowledge victims of Canada Scoops who were not kept within Canada but who were instead placed in USA and west Europe, a.k.a. USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops, i.e., we want the next issue of this video to out and out acknowledge USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops and those placed in west Europe too.


Journalists Attending Lincoln Center Performances of Pearl: the abstract dance performance

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August 23, 2015, Some journalists interested in the development of civil suits forming and filed on behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops will be attending the ‘abstract dance performance’, Pearl at New York City’s Lincoln Center. Pearl, originally referred to in press releases as ‘Pearl: The Musical’, then as Pearl: the multicultural dance play as well as Pearl: a dance production, intends to provide biography of Pearl S Buck, founder and President of Welcome House Adoption Agency, In ‘abstract’. Artistically speaking, whatever; legally and public relations wise, ‘abstract-ambiguity’ is a smart move because

While it’s not clear how involved Pearl S Buck herself was in the activities of  Welcome House Adoption Agency while her adoption agency transited the Canada Scoops Victims to USA*, it’s clear that Welcome House was the only adoption agency in USA involved in the transiting of Canada Scoops Victims to USA.

*As far as Pearl S Buck’s personal involvement in the decision to involve Welcome House in the transiting of these children from Canada to USA while their parents demands for their return were ignored and they were never told if their children were dead or alive, still in or removed from the country, a biography commissioned by Pearl Buck supporters lays blame for the decision to use Welcome House to facilitate transit of the Scoop Victims to USA on an Arthur Murray School dance instructor.

How will this important event be conveyed in abstract dance movements?

POOF (People Of One Fire), Updating Established Opinions And Rejecting Traditional Political Peer Review Based Research & Findings Rules

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August 16, 2015, As far as the findings of POOF – People Of One Fire, the understanding that there is documentation that shows habitation of certain North American Indian populations in places that current opinions didn’t acknowledge, is in and of itself valuable to the discussions of who can and can not claim North American Indian status, but also as important is 1. agreement that opinions on who qualifies as full blood quantum and entitled to North American Indian status cards is far from final, and 2. that via the rules of POOF, findings aren’t as likely to be ‘political’. The latter is so important as through our own work we had the outrageously eye opening experience of our (‘our’ means USA Federal Government, tax payer funded) Smithsonian Museum research department confirming and then demanding we not refer to their findings as to the habitation of Chippewa Indians in USA prior to establishment of current geo-political boundaries between USA and Canada. Head of 1 department demanding I delete the e-mails he sent me; of course, I didn’t use them but I also didn’t delete them.

USA Senate Confirms 1st-Ever North American Indian Woman – Federal Court Judge (via HuffPost)

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August 13, 2015,

How China Does NYC Theatre: ‘Pearl: The Musical’ Is Now ‘Pearl’, a musical dance production

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August 12, 2015, While many important distinctions as to the involvement of Pearl S Buck in the transiting of Canada Scoops Victims to USA are being discussed, understood and, in theory, largely agreed to, it’s also been brought to my attention that the biographical production of ‘Pearl’ scheduled to premiere at Lincoln Center at end of August 2015 is no longer Pearl: The Musical because it’s now ‘Pearl’ a musical dance production.  it’s also been referred to in recent summertime press releases as ‘Pearl, a multicultural dance play’.

Of course, we appreciate the distinction because the original title as it was published in, i.e., “Pearl: the Musical’, immediately brought forth the same sort of irony of the title that broadway show ‘Springtime for Hitler’ did, but as for the difference between a musical versus a musical dance production and a multicultural dance play, in NYC, there isn’t any; And, there really isn’t any when the central subject of the conversation is trafficking of children.

Tribe Returns Washinton Redskins $-Donation

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August 10, 2015, We certainly understand the pressure not to talk with the NFL – Washington Redskins. Totally ignoring the pride so many North American Indians, and victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA, a.k.a., USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops,  have in the Washington Redskins logo and name, a group of more vocal, career-advocates make it very uncomfortable for anyone supporting continued use of the Washington redskins name and for any North American Indian cause to work with Washington Redskins. Then there are also the non-North American Indians who because they themselves see racism in the logo and name, not realizing that their own prejudices haven’t been experienced by everyone else, also make it difficult for North American Indian causes to work with and support Washington Redskins maintaining their name and logo.

Of course, $25k is on the low end of donations; it’s when the more significant donations are returned that we will see how serious the tribes are about the Washington Redskins name and logo.

Pocahontas’ Tribe Finally Gains Recognition of US Federal Government

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August 9, 2015, The federal incentives reserved for North American Indians recognized by US Federal Government finally enough to encourage this tribe to apply for US federal government recognition, see link:

The Pamunkey Tribe is the 2nd to be granted US federal government recognition by Obama Administration and 1st to be recognized by Government of Virginia.

Obama Administration is also the 1st administration willing to recognize USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops within the scope of USCIS, i.e., granting the only victim of Canada Scoops recognized by TRC-Canada his USA Citizenship expedited on basis of his being a victim of that particular genocide, a.k.a. Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops.

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