Journalists Attending Lincoln Center Performances of Pearl: the abstract dance performance

August 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

August 23, 2015, Some journalists interested in the development of civil suits forming and filed on behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops will be attending the ‘abstract dance performance’, Pearl at New York City’s Lincoln Center. Pearl, originally referred to in press releases as ‘Pearl: The Musical’, then as Pearl: the multicultural dance play as well as Pearl: a dance production, intends to provide biography of Pearl S Buck, founder and President of Welcome House Adoption Agency, In ‘abstract’. Artistically speaking, whatever; legally and public relations wise, ‘abstract-ambiguity’ is a smart move because

While it’s not clear how involved Pearl S Buck herself was in the activities of  Welcome House Adoption Agency while her adoption agency transited the Canada Scoops Victims to USA*, it’s clear that Welcome House was the only adoption agency in USA involved in the transiting of Canada Scoops Victims to USA.

*As far as Pearl S Buck’s personal involvement in the decision to involve Welcome House in the transiting of these children from Canada to USA while their parents demands for their return were ignored and they were never told if their children were dead or alive, still in or removed from the country, a biography commissioned by Pearl Buck supporters lays blame for the decision to use Welcome House to facilitate transit of the Scoop Victims to USA on an Arthur Murray School dance instructor.

How will this important event be conveyed in abstract dance movements?


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