All Perspectives Represented, Statements Of USA Placed Victims-Survivor of Canada Scoops And Family

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October 31, 2015, The Victim Statements of 1st USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canadian Scoops to be recognized by TRC-Canada And, as a result of that recognition, USCIS, along with statements of his biological family are included:

His family’s statements represent the full scope of perspectives, 1. the sister who was watching he and the others who were scooped while their parents were out and who is upset he was taken but believes it was for the best because he was given more opportunities and higher quality of life, 2. the sister who said no matter if his life in USA was better, he never should have been taken but she appreciates the other sisters perspective, 3. the father, who passed away within the last 12 months, and was furious his son was taken, that they didn’t know for decades that he was dead or alive, not in Canada but in USA. The father never forgave the sister who was watching the children, especially upsetting to the father was her perspective that his son was actually better off for having been placed in USA.

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How Laws That Lag Behind Legislation & Simply The Ignorance Of Some Immigration Attorneys Impacts USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canadian Scoops

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When it comes to immigration, Being up to date on law isn’t sufficient; Advising individuals requires awareness of current legislation & regulations, and the legislative directives that control all decisions made in regard to the individuals ability to be in the USA, Obviously.

October 25, 2015, We talk about this problem a lot because USA Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops entered USA illegally as children during 1960’s -1970’s And Now Today they are either hiding from USCIS and accumulating violations of federal laws in the process Or they are in the process of legalizing their USA immigration status. Within the process of legalizing their USA immigration status the Government of Canada INAC ‘requires’ these individuals go back to Canada to be documented (blood quantum letters, North American Indian Status Cards, etc.) While on the USA side of the very same process, their immigration status ‘recommends’, or as congressional staffers notified me, ‘requires’ the individual stay in USA throughout the process.

Those USA Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops that are not privy to offices and individuals in Canada that will assist them and their special circumstances and who, as a result, travel to Canada and then attempt re-entry face same predicament this citizen of Mexico is:

So WHY are too many attorneys including those who market themselves as immigration experts advising their clients that travel and back forth between their home country and USA is without restriction and exempt from such problems as ‘deportation’ and ‘barred rom re-entry’? It’s a mix of unnecessary ignorance probably based on arrogance that can break families up for good, Inexcusable.


2 Reporters from Indian Voices News, Canada Scoops Deniers in USA

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October 17, 2015, 2 reporters from Indian Voices News are researching story on Canada Scoops Deniers In USA. One of the 2 reporters, Wayne Smokey Snellgrove ( is himself a USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops Placed In USA. He is already reaching out to, especially legal professionals in USA who have advised Canada Scoop Victims Placed In USA that 1. Canada Scoops didn’t happen, 2. if it did, none of the victims were placed in USA and west Europe, and/or 3. even if it did and they were, it doesn’t matter.

So far, those same legal professionals haven’t replied to his requests for interviews. If anyone else has information on this issue that they would like to share with Wayne, Indian Voices News, please e-mail Wayne directly:

Article, Why Do So Many Americans Believe They Are of Cherokee Ancestry

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October 3, 2015, See:

Project 562, Photo Exhibit Aims To Break North American Indian Stereotypes

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October 1, 2015, See

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