Happy Thanksgiving

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We’re making some changes to the management of this blog; what can be said on a Thanksgiving Day post and your inquiries today regarding that predicament prompting me to let you know that now.

We’re all looking forward to what we expect will be the positive impact of the new Canada – Trudeau government on USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops.

Happy Holidays.



Washington RedSkins Slam Adidas, & USA Placed Victims-Survivors Of Canada Scoops Agree

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November 9, 2015, While we know ADIDAS is well intentioned, Good For Washington Redskins for continuing to assert the positive interpretations of their logo; It can’t be easy when so many are trying to assert and enable negative impressions and negative stereotypes of the same (logo).

USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops, including within his USCIS N-400 interviews, explained how it was the Washington Redskins Logo that he often times counted on for affirmation that his ethnicity was one to be proud of and celebrated. Shame on those – North American Indians and non-North American Indians alike – who when looking at the same logo feel prejudice and discrimination and who then go on to demand others assume those same harmful and mean spirited interpretations.

Capitalism, When It Comes To Negotiating Settlements, Canada Scoops Victims Placed In USA V. Kept In Canada

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November 7, 2015, It shouldn’t have happened, but given that Canada Scoops did indeed happen, victims of Canada Scoops who were not kept in Canada but who were instead placed in USA, a.k.a., USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops are aiming for a different outcome than those victims who were kept in Canada, i.e., their capitalist USA upbringings affecting settlement negotiation strategy, goals and BATNA.

Finally, And It’s a High School, North American Indian (not Native, but North American) Semester Course

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November 4, 2015, Now this shows real appreciation for this population, i.e., making an effort to use the proper, a.k.a., the actually useful term to identify this population rather than relying on marketing jargon, the Rochester New Hampshire School District is now offering a semester course titled ‘North American Indian’, Link to article: http://www.fosters.com/article/20151103/NEWS/151109860

November Is Native American (a.k.a. North American, Indigenous, First Nations) Indian Heritage Month

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November 4, 2015, November is Native American Indian Heritage Month. Legally it should be referred to as North American Indian Heritage Month (Jay Treaty & Treaty of Ghent, US federal case law, etc.). Other monikers, First Nations People, Indigenous, Native Americans. Current law has it at North American Indian but there is legal basis for First Nations People; As for the term ‘Native American’, it’s origins, it’s just a marketing term.

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