When It Comes To All (but 1, Taber Gregory/Henry Desjarlais) Victims Of Canada Scoops Not Kept In Canada, Media and Other VIPs picking up Legislative Slack

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February 28, 2016, In reply to: http://calgaryherald.com/entertainment/books/calgary-novelist-joan-crate-examines-residential-schools-in-coming-of-age-novel-black-apple

This recently concluded TRC-Canada, it’s original mandate initially allowed victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA via the same genocide, a.k.a., Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops, as the Residential School System is a result of, to be recognized also as victims witin the jurisdiction of that, again, recently concluded TRC-Canada; but after the 1st USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops, Taber Gregory, a.k.a, Henry Desjarlais and Taber Meier, used that recognition to achieve his USA Citizenship expeditted as a victim of Genocide by USCIS, the TRC – Canada edited that mandate to exclude not just victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA but all victims of Canada Scoops who were not kept wtihin Canada but who were intead placed in USA and west Europe. That’s a travesty.

That travesty is compounded whenever this gorup of victims isn’t also referred to when Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops are referred to…I hope this author finds a way to include them in her work, discussions of her work. Politicians have to make concessions that include leaving out some victims we are hoping the media and other VIPs like Joan pick up their slack


Manitoba is 1st To Implement Legislation Based on 94 Recommendations of TRC-Canada

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February 26, 2016, Manitoba is 1st province in North America to ratify any of the 94 TRC – Canada recommendations, though none – Not 1 of the 94 specifically address Victims of Canada Scoops Placed in USA – see, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-first-introduce-trc-legislation-1.3464110

As Far as North American Indians Are Concerned, Another Obama Administration Achievement

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February 24, 2016, This settlement is NOT related to Merchant Law Group suit filed on behalf of USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops and that Wayne Snellgrove is the sole class action representative of.


Canada Scoops Victims – Trafficked Into Prostitution

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February 16, 2017, this distinction between children who were scooped and placed in USA versus those who were scooped – often enough same day, same people, same cars – and kept within Canada has to stop because it leaves out thousands who were placed in USA.

We have at least a few thousand victims of Canada Scoops placed in USA for which there are records because once they were trafficked and placed in USA  they were put into adoption and foster care system, but then there are those who were trafficked here and just went off the grid/no paperwork for.


Shadow Wolves, All North American/Native American Indian U.S. Special Ops Group

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February 10, 2016, See http://sofrep.com/47280/47280/

International Community Calls on Canada Government To Address Violence Against Indigenous Women Throughout Last Few Decades

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February 5, 2016, But does this call from the International Community include consideration for mothers and children of Canada Scoops Victims Placed In USA?

Requests, a.k.a., ‘Calls’ are Reprimands. For several years the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) has considered requesting Government of Canada address the rights of indigenous women, especially in regard to Canada Scoops and including victims of Canada Scoops  who were trafficked out of Canada and placed in USA and west Europe. The submission of a request within the international community is significant; it’s totally inappropriate, within the international community, to submit a request on the record without having 1st exhausted all other off the record strategies and without 1st getting permission to do so from other members of the General Assembly including often enough the government that will receive the request. Within the international community a request or as they more benignly put it a ‘call’ like this is considered a reprimand.

That Canada Scoops is also often referred to as Sixties Scoops/1960’s Scoops  and Seventies Scoops/1970’s Scoops is misleading, The Canada Scoops took place throughout decades, beginning 1960’s lasting up through early/mid-1990’s.

It’s not clear if this most recent ‘urging’ from the international community and the commitment from the Canadian Government in December 2015 referred to in the article, (see link below) The Jurist – University of  Pittsburgh School of Law, to ‘further a national inquiry’ includes consideration of specifically the circumstances and rights of women and their children who as victims of Canada Scoops were, after being scooped, trafficked out of Canada and placed in USA and west Europe.

To date, only 1 victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA has been recognized by TRC-Canada and another different Victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA has been recognized by Canada Court system.


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