As Recently As Right Now, Scooping, Legal in USA

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March 22, 2016, As recently as right now it’s legal to ‘scoop‘ USAmerican Citizen children who have as little as 1.5% North American Indian Blood Quantum (see link below); North American Indian Status as defined by same Act that legalizes this ‘scooping‘ requires an individual have 50%+ Blood Quantum to qualify North American Indian Status.

The effective intention of the ‘scooping now taking place in USA’ and that is a coordinated effort between USA federal government and Native American Indian/North American Indian elites: remove the child who can have as little as 1.5% North American Indian/Native American Indian Blood Quantum from their non-biological parent, and/or adopted/foster parents, not necessarily to place them with Native American/North American Indian guardians but simply just to remove them from a guardian who has no Native American/North American Indian dna.




Murray Sinclair Chief Commissioner of Recently Concluded TRC-Canada Appointed To Senate

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March 19, 2016, Murray Sinclair,  Chief Commissioner of recently concluded Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada (TRC-Canada), Appointed Senator by PM Trudeau (see link below).

USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops appreciate that while Justice Sinclair wasn’t entirely comfortable knowing that TRC-Canada had qualified a USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops, a.k.a. Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais under the original mandate of TRC-Canada, we are also aware that Justice Sinclair, now Senator Sinclair, was very understanding of the plight of this particular group of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victims,- i.e., the personal emotional as well as legal -immigration quagmire their victimization had and continues to hold all but 1 of them – Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais – trapped in.

So, we hope that in his new capacity and within this new Canada – Trudeau Government, the same ‘victim of genocide’/Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops recognition will be extended to ALL Victims of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops, especially those placed in USA and west Europe.

Meet the new Senate appointees, from Truth And Reconciliation justice to renowned athlete

To Be Clear: To Date, Only 1 Victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA Is Recognized-Qualified By Canada (INAC & TRC-Canada) And United States (USCIS), That 1 and Only Is Taber Gregory, a.k.a. Henry Desjarlais

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March 2, 2016, Just informed that a significant cable news network is doing a piece on USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops and has been mislead to believe that the person they are interviewing to feature – who is not Taber Gregory/Henry Desjarlais – is the only ‘recognized’ victim of Canada Scoops placed in USA. But he isn’t, because the only victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA and recognized by Canada (INAC and TRC-Canada) and/or USA (USCIS) is Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais of Wilton, Connecticut, USA.

The individual the cable news network is intervewing is not recognized by any authority in USA or in Canada, nor by any of the Indian Bands/Indian Tribes, i.e. he does not have a blood quantum letter, he does not have a North American Indian Status Card, he does not have adoption records, etc.; Taber Gregory has all of his docuemtnation, including decision from USCIS granting him his US Citizenship on basis of being a victim of that partocular genocide, a.k.a. Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops. The USCIS judge who granted Mr. Gregory that decision=US Citizenship on basis of being a victim of genocide is a graduate of US Navy, a Guantanamo based judge  who did extensive research on Mr. Gregory’s documentation before deciding to grant him his US Citizenship on that basis; the individual being interviewed-featured by the cable news network has gone through none of those background checks.

The Cable News Network working on this is now informed of this error in progress.

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