Not A Problem Unique to North American Indians, Judicial & Prosecutorial Misconduct Keeps This North American Indian Imprisoned

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May 31, 2016, Certainly not a problem unique to North American Indians, judicial and prosecutorial misconduct on top of plain old human error, may have kept this North American Indian imprisoned for more than 40 years. He’s requesting clemency from Obama, (and he should get it; even when throughout these 40 years saying ‘guilty’ would have given him parole, he wouldn’t do it, what does that tell you, i.e., he is innocent).


Happy Memorial Day – Contributions of North American Indians To ‘USA’

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May 28, 2016, Looking for a reliable list of highlights of North American Indians in USA Military, and found it coming from George W Bush Administration,

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend Appreciating Every American Who has done and will do whatever it takes to protect ‘USA’.

Victim of Canada Scoops Denied Compensation Appealed & Granted Review

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May 11, 2016, While it comes as no surprise to Americans that most large organizations/bureaucrats rubber stamp requests with a denial in Round 1, the expectation that a good number of ‘applicants’ will – feeling defeated – totally drop/abandon their request, so that the large organization/bureaucrat is left with a smaller number that they have to compensate, this process is a surprise to most Canadians, including Victims of Canada Scoops kept in Canada.

As we explained in earlier posts our American experience, and as administrators working for TRC-Canada advised us, you will probably get compensation claim rejected Round 1, Round 2 you may get it approved; but, they advised, it’s better to get rejected Round 1 and Round 2, and then file lawsuit, i.e., that is where if there is compensation it will be greater.

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