Victims Of Canada Scoops Placed In USA Have New Option In Regard To Legal Counsel

October 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

October 14, 2016, Victims of Canada Scoops, a.k.a. 60’s Scoops, a.k.a. Sixties Scoops, including those who were – after being scooped – then sent to residential schools And those who were placed in adoption and foster care both in Canada and USA, as well as in west Europe, need new legal counsel. Contact information for that firm for each group of victims-complainants-claimants will be posted here by Monday morning, October 17.

Merchant Law Group made a series of errors, most important to USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops, Tony Merchant and his team claimed that a man other than Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry desJarlais is the only certified victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA when that man is not even certified, doesn’t yet have the documentation necessary to get certification, i.e., Again, only Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry desJarlais is certified victim of Canada Scoops Placed in USA by now concluded TRC-Canada, as well as by INAC and USCIS.


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