Canada Scoops Victims Who Registered To Vote &/Or Voted, And How – In Connecticut – This Voter Fraud Is Encouraged

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March 18, 2017, USA Placed Victims-Survivors of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops who registered to vote and voted in USA are part of the ‘election fraud problem ‘President Trump and others have referred to. The best example of how this voter fraud that is unintended on part of the’ Canada Scoop Victim in USA’ but that is intentionally exploited by members of Democrat National Party is described below:

The problem is exactly like that which this woman faces, A Texas Woman Voted Like A US Citizen Only She Wasn’t, NYTimes,

Taber Gregory, Taber Meier, Henry Desjarlais, Wilton, Connecticut, The Only USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops Placed in USA recognized by 1.TRC-Canada, 2. Federal Governments of 2a. Canada and 2b. USA, as well as by 3. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, had also registered to vote. Worse, before and after I was able to correct that problem with the help of the Offices of USCIS and an attorney-officer of the USA Navy who specializes in immigration fraud, he was told by an attorney who specializes apparently in nothing, John Hall, with Offices in Norwalk & Wilton, Connecticut, and who claims to be influential with Congressman Himes Office that Mr. Gregory’s having registered to vote while not a USA Citizen did not matter, that it was no big deal, and not to correct the mistake that Mr. Gregory had made in registering to vote (Mr. Gregory and his adoptive parents thought that in 1976-1979 all of the necessary paperwork had been done to make him a USA Citizen, they also thought that his biological parents Chippewa-Cold Lake Nation, Alberta, Canada had given him up for adoption, i.e., neither of which was true; Atty John Hall of Wilton and Norwalk, Connecticut, however, was fully aware that Mr. Gregory/Meier/desJarlais was not a USA Citizen when he advised him not to correct his voter registration immigration status, etc. )

Legal Counsel that intentionally, like Atty Hall, advise clients to commit, and continue to commit voter fraud should be held accountable, i.e., If Mr. Gregory had not discussed this problem with me and USCIS and only had Atty Hall who suggested he was speaking on behalf of CT – Democratic National Party Congressman Himes to refer to he/Mr. Gregory/Meier/desJarlais would – like this woman in Texas – be on the hook for several thousand $$$ in fines and several years in jail.





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March 7, 2017, A national swim champ and record setter, Wayne Snellgrove  is also another USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops.

While Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais is The 1 & Only USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops officially/on paper recognized by federal governments of USA & Canada and, importantly, by INAC as well as by the now concluded TRC-Canada, Wayne is the only victim now speaking  to the media AND pursuing compensation for damages in Canada and USA court system. (Taber Gregory attys in Norwalk & Wilton, Connecticut advising him  not to, telling him that Canada Scoops never happened and that if it did it didn’t matter, i.e., Taber Gregoey ‘not showing up’ , so to speak, by Taber Gregory’s own default, Wayne Snellgrove becomes the only USA Placed Victim – Survior of canada Scoops as far as USA media and legal system-compensation is concerned.

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