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March 7, 2017, A national swim champ and record setter, Wayne Snellgrove  is also another USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops.

While Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais is The 1 & Only USA Placed Victim – Survivor of Canada Scoops officially/on paper recognized by federal governments of USA & Canada and, importantly, by INAC as well as by the now concluded TRC-Canada, Wayne is the only victim now speaking  to the media AND pursuing compensation for damages in Canada and USA court system. (Taber Gregory attys in Norwalk & Wilton, Connecticut advising him  not to, telling him that Canada Scoops never happened and that if it did it didn’t matter, i.e., Taber Gregoey ‘not showing up’ , so to speak, by Taber Gregory’s own default, Wayne Snellgrove becomes the only USA Placed Victim – Survior of canada Scoops as far as USA media and legal system-compensation is concerned.


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