Canada To Pay Millions to Canada Scoop Victims, (This is separate from victims of residential schools)

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Short on time this week, I’m Throwing this up quickly and will edit/format/provide additional contact information for USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops later this weekend.


October 13, 2017, Earlier this week Canada – Trudeau Government, as it said it would in August 2017, Announced it has set aside Millions of Canada Dollars – funds and provided directions by which Canada Scoops Victims – separate from Residential School Victims – may be provided reparations from that fund.

(See New York Times article, October 7, 2017, below)

The following is meant to be read only by people who are familiar with the involved topics, TRC-Canada, Canada Scoops, Canada Scoops Victim in USA, 60’s Scoops truth and reconciliation commissions, reparations, USCIS, INAC, Federal Govt of Canada)


  1. To Date, There is still Only 1 USA Placed Victim-Survivor of Canada Scoops Placed in USA recognized by authorities capable of recognizing Canada Scoops Victims, i.e., TRC-Canada, USCIS, INAC & Federal Govt of Canada, Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais.

2.      the original mandate of TRC-Canada did not exclude Canada Scoops Victims trafficked out of Canada into USA and west Europe, That is how/why Taber – who had been Scooped in Canada/Cold Lake, Alberta and Trafficked into Pearl S Buck Foundation, USA and then onto Wilton, Connecticut, USA could get recognized-certified a victim.

3.      Once Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais was recognized a Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victim by TRC-Canada & used that recognition to get USCIS to approve his USA Citizenship expedited (and several felony charges related to his having been trafficked/Canada Scooped into USA, dropped) TRC-Canada edited its Mandate to exclude Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victims who were trafficked out of Canada and placed in USA and west Europe, the edited mandate only included those Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victims who had been kept in Canada. the edited mandate then also referred to victims as Residential School Victims of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops and not simply as Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victims

4. The Trudeau Govt recognizing that a portion of Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops Victims was being left out is correcting that injustice by providing these funds.

5. The Trump – USA Govt now needs to identify and assist Canada Scoops Victims in USA to get recognized and retrieve their reparations…(or else as it now stands only Taber Gregory – because he is The 1 and Only Recognized Scoops Victim – will be entitled to the funds)





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