Repost, Obtaining Blood Quantum & North American Indian Status Cards

March 28, 2018 § Leave a comment

via Obtaining Blood Quantum Letter & North American Indian Status Card

March 28, 2018, Reposting this for a few reasons:

  1. individuals looking into this problem don’t know how hard it is to get Blood Quantum Letters when individual trying to get them was ‘scooped’ aka human trafficked out of Canada into USA via human trafficking and illegal adoption, i.e., documentation papers aren’t complete if they were given to the child’s ‘adoptive’ parents in USA at all, & Because of name changes between tribe to Canada Government and again when the child was deposited in USA.
  2. Because those who fake being Native American Indians like phony USA Democrat Party Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren AND phony Native American Indian artist Jimmie Durham are defending their illegitimate use of Native American Indian Status in ways that is discrediting and really undermining the proof of identity used by REAL North American, including ‘Native American’ Indians,

It’s become important to remind everyone how hard it is for USA Placed Victims – Survivors of Canada Scoops, as well as those placed in west Europe via the same Canada Scoops, to get the documentation necessary to receive their blood quantum letters and Indian status cards, both of which can then help them to get expedited USA Citizenship on basis of being victim of that genocide, aka, Canada Scoops/60’s Scoops, i.e., essentially unless someone uses back channels like I did for Taber Gregory/Henry Desjarlais, then they can’t get the id documents without having the id documents. It’s a real dilemma that USA Trump Administration, Secretary of Interior  & USCIS WITH Canada Federal Government needs to straighten out.


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