Another 60’s Scoops Class Action Settled, Victims Eligible … see documents and links in text, each ELIGIBLE Canada Scoops Victim in USA is entitled to receive min $25k, When only 1 has been verified ….

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September 27, 2018,

To Date, Only 1 Victim of Canada Scoops, 60’s Scoops Placed in USA (& west Europe) has been verified a victim of that genocide by all involved agencies, USCIS, Federal Government of Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, &  Truth & Reconciliation Commission – Canada, That is Taber Gregory/Taber Meier/Henry Desjarlais.

NEWS: Settlement Update – September 26, 2018
The above class action is now settled and eligible class members can now apply for compensation.  You do not need a lawyer to apply. 
Please click and upon review the following “official long-form final Notice” at to ascertain your legal rights.  [Or if you need the same Notice mailed to you, you may call toll free to 1-(844)287-4270 or email to request that a copy of the Notice be sent to you by postal mail.] 
As explained in the above-referenced Notice, in order to apply for compensation of $25,000 or more from the 60s scoop class action settlement against the federal government, you must fill out and sign the following “Claim Form”:  
Please note that our law firm cannot fill out the Claim Form on your behalf, as the Claim Form requires personal information and your signature. However, if you call our law office at 403-219-0193, our law firm would be pleased to provide any advice you need to help you fill out a Claim Form, either in person at one of our ten offices OR by telephone [please call us for any assistance or advice, about completing the Claim Form].
To be clear, once your Claim Form is completed, it must be submitted to the Settlement Administrator’s Office [known as the Collectiva office].  Claim Forms are only formally submitted if they are sent to the Collectiva office.
Once you complete and sign your Claim Form, it must be submitted [BEFORE the claims deadline of August 30, 2019] directly to the Settlement Administrator’s Office, whose mailing address information is as follows:
                             Sixties Scoop Class Action Administrator
                             c/o Collectiva Class Action Services Inc.
                             1176 Bishop Street, Suite 208
                             Montreal, Quebec   H3G 23E3
                             Toll free number 1-(844)287-4270
If you do not receive acknowledgment from the Settlement Administrator’s Office that your Claim Form has been received, within 30 days of sending it, you should contact their office at or toll free at 1-(844)287-4270, as only their office can answer questions about processing of Claim Forms.
Please note that receiving this email is not an indication of whether or not you will qualify for compensation under the 60s scoop class action settlement against the federal government.  The decision as to whether or not you qualify is not made by our law firm or any law firm. The decision about whether you qualify is taken by the Settlement Administrator’s Office [known as the Collectiva office] that has been appointed by the Courts under the terms of the settlement. 
Regarding compensation payments from this settlement, distribution of compensation is handled by the Settlement Administrator’s Office and will only occur after the above claims (or claim’s) deadline of August 30, 2019 has expired.
Please note, this email is prepared by my law firm and not part of the official notice.  Please review the Official Notice information carefully at

What’s next regarding other potential 60s scoop class action litigation?

The 60s scoop class action litgation against the federal government has concluded pursuant to the above settlement.

Merchant Law Group LLP intends to continue pursuing ongoing 60s Scoop class action litigation before the Courts against several provincial governments on behalf of Indian, First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal persons, who were taken as children from their families and placed for adoption in non-Aboriginal homes. If successful, that separate litigation against some provincial governments may result in further compensation being paid to some Sixties Scoop Survivors who qualify under the terms of any future class action settlements with the provinces.

That class action litigation against some provincial governments seeks compensation for the physical and sexual abuse that many survivors have reported (abuse claims regarding which the Government of Canada is taking no responsibility and paying no compensation under the terms of the federal government class action settlement already approved earlier this year).

Survivors (who have not already done so) should provide their contact info to MLG thru our law firm’s website www.60s-scoop.comin case any future litigation against provincial governments results in additional compensation options for 60s scoop survivorsregarding loss of culture or individual sexual or physical abuse claims.

About our law firm – Merchant Law Group LLP (MLG)

Merchant Law Group LLP (MLG) has a long history of pursuing litigation on behalf of Indigenous Canadians. More than two decades ago, our law firm launched thousands of lawsuits on behalf of Residential School Survivors, which led to many critical Court decisions against the government, including the H.L. v. Attorney General of Canada decision by the Supreme Court of Canada which led to the 2006 Residential Schools Settlement. The Residential School Settlement was the largest class action settlement in Canadian history.

Yours truly,

Joshua Merchant, LL.B.

Merchant Law Group LLP

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